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This stunning bottle will be the starting point of conversation. Within you’ll find floral aromas, refreshing sweetness and tartness, and hints of grape and musk melon. Sip chilled as an aperitif or at room temperature alongside seafood or meat such as chicken cutlet.
Fruity and light, with a medium body and aromas of rye, violet, melons, red apple, and toasted sesame, this junmai ginjo is brewed by Taka Yamauchi in the town of Ishioka in Ibaraki Prefecture. A gold medal winner at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, this sake finishes crisp and clean, and should be served chilled and pairs well with light foods and acidic flavors like cheese, salads, sushi, vinegars, fish, and other seafood.
Light and well-balanced with a sweet and tart finish. Naturally red-colored yeast lends it a bright and beautiful rose color reminiscent of strawberries.
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Strawberry flower sake yeast is used to give this sake a uniquely refreshing sweetness and fruitiness that is indeed reminiscent of plump, ripe strawberries. A succulent bottle loaded with new and interesting flavors.


Deliveries are scheduled for the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. To guarantee delivery, please place your orders by the end of Sunday during the delivery week.

If you need to arrange a specific delivery schedule, we can arrange that for a small fee. Please email us at [email protected] to inquire.

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Why D.C. Sake cō.

D.C. Sake cō is a community-based boutique Sake company in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area

The “cō” in our name stands for “Co-mmunity, Co-llaboration, and Co-nnection.  

We are here to create and grow a Sake cōmmunity through tasting, exploring, and enjoying this unique drink together!  

We are about the Sake EXPERIENCE!

Sake To You!

D.C. Sake cō.’s online store features around 50 highlyselected premium Sake.  Our Sake selection is small by design because we take our time to carefully curate only our favorites.  Of course, we are all ears for your suggestions at any time!  

Here Is To You + US!

Come join the D.C. Sake cōmmunity through our social media and blog!  We only produce and recommend what we truly believe in and love.  Drop by and say hi – we’d love to hear from you!  

Let's "Kampai" Together

Meet us at our Sake events — both in-person and virtually.  Bring your “kampai” spirit and meet other enthusiasts in the community. We look forward to getting to know you!  




Izumibashi “Black Dragonfly Kimoto Junmai 2 year aged”
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It was a lovely find to try “Izumibashi “Black Dragonfly Kimoto Junmai 2 year aged.” The flavor is amazingly refined and smooth. The description of the product provided is quite accurate. I had it paired with a soba meal and it worked very nice. I recommend this sake and will definitely buy it again.
Alexa K.
Alexa K.
Choya “Plum Wine” (with fruit)
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I love Choya! I have a sweet tooth when it comes to drinks, and Choya always satisfies that craving. This is one of my favorite drinks and a great pick-me-up for those stressful days. Also, the plums in the drink add a wonderful touch to it. Highly recommend!
Tensei “Endless Summer”
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Really like summer sake !! Feel like drinking beer (Not taste) I recommend with Japanese food For example grilled fish Also good for BBQ~!!
Miki B
Miki B
Dewazakura “Dewasansan – Green Ridge” Junmai Ginjo
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This has quickly become my MOST favorite sake! The description is soooooo right! Wine had been my everyday drink UNTIL I discovered this sake. So in love.

World Sake Import virtual tour

Come on a journey to Yamagata, Japan to learn about sake! Take a virtual tour of Dewazakura and hear about the traditional methods used to make these amazing sakes. Taste and Kanpai with brewmaster, Inoue san! Join hosts Chris Johnson and Kerry Tamura on a wild ride through the Yamagata hills on the inaugural edition of World Sake Tours!

Click below to purchase the Dewazakura Brewery Virtual Tour tasting-set

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A Local Entrepreneur’s New Business Ships 50 Kinds of Sake to Your Door

DC Sake Cō, from sake enthusiast Reiko Hirai, launched in June.


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