Welcome to D.C. Sake cō.!

Reiko Hirai, Founder, D.C. Sake cō.

Welcome to D.C. Sake cō.! I’m excited to join you in your journey of sake exploration.

Over the past 20 years of living in America, it has truly become my second home. My community in DC has shared so much of their culture with me, and in return I can’t wait to share a piece of my Japanese culture with all of you — through the magic of sake.

Throughout my career, I have worked with many Japan related businesses throughout the DC region, and I have noticed a growing interest in Japanese premium sake. This was a big change from what I saw from when I first worked with sake more than 10 years ago. What I knew was missing was accessibility to this great beverage. At the same time, I myself started to become interested in how the DC community was also starting to enjoy sake. This is exactly why I wanted to create D.C. Sake cō. – to establish a platform where people can experience sake.

I love DC and all that it has to offer, and I hope that one day sake will become a ubiquitous component of our amazing dining scene.

Thank you for supporting my independent business and my dream – I can’t wait to unlock the world of sake together with all of you! Please reach out to me if you have any comments or suggestions – I’d love to hear from you!


Reiko Hirai
Founder, D.C. Sake cō
June 2020