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It is a Virtual Brewery Tour and tasting time!

This time, visiting Kamoizumi Brewery, lead by Chris Johnson, the Sake Ninja, Kerry Tamura of World Sake Imports!

 Tuesday, September 1st 2020

9pm EST

Register to join the tour : http://www.worldsake.com/events  

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 Join us on our next adventure to Hiroshima and the famous brewing town of Saijo. Here we’ll meet the Maegaki family, rice wholesalers who transitioned into sake brewing at the turn of the 20th century. They established Kamoizumi Brewing Co. in 1912 and in 1967 were one of the first breweries to launch junmai sakes in post-war Japan, a focus they have continued to this day.

 To say Kamoizumi sakes have character is an understatement; brimming with individuality they are bold yet elegant, full-bodied with a distinct flavor profile.

We will tour and taste with Kamoizumi’s affable president Kazuhiro Maegaki, toji Toshiki Shintani, and overseas sales representative Guatier Moysset.

 No need to purchase sake to join. But make sure you register at http://www.worldsake.com/events     But if you want to try their sake, we have put together the specially priced set for you!

Kamoizumi Shusen Junmai is a robust savory sake that has notes of forest mushrooms and an earthy fallen leaves. This sake is has so many layers and flavors, you can enjoy and discover many details by trying in different temperatures.  Some prefers either at room temperature, some prefers even more hotter.  Clearly representing the style of Kamoizumi, this sake has not undergone carbon nor charcoal filtration.


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