Kubota Daiginjo Genshu


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A delicate floral aroma and dry entry with soft umami and hints of pear, cooked rice and mushrooms. This is an excellent sake for sipping on the rocks or in a wine glass alongside indulgent dishes like loaded potatoes and shrimp fritters.

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Asahi Shuzo, maker of the Kubota brand, places quality of their ingredients at the forefront of their sake brewing, and is truly committed to the sustainability of their pristine environment. Through initiatives such as the Firefly Village Project and Maple Tree Project, the brewery invests time and resources into the local community to ensure the environment can be enjoyed for generations to come. Heavy snowfall and rich soil in Niigata prefecture, as well as the influence and leadership of the Echigo Toji, one of the top three brewing guilds in Japan, contribute to clean and crisp “tanrei karakuchi” style that is typical of sake from this region. The Kubota line offers an amazing variety of sake including this genshu that has a higher ABV but is still quite smooth and sophisticated. Enjoy this with irresistible dishes like buttery scallops, loaded potatoes with cheese and bacon bits, shrimp fritters and a cheesy quiche.


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