Konteki Tears of Dawn Daiginjo


Lush notes of tropical banana and spice greets your palate like the fresh morning dew. The medium-body and velvety texture is a good match for braised pork, fresh oysters and smoked gouda cheese.

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Higashiyama Brewing Company is located in Fushimi in Kyoto prefecture, one of the top three regions for sake brewing and well-known for its soft Gokosui water. The Konteki brand is centered around 15th century ideals of Zen Buddhism. Made from 100% organic rice, this sake is brewed with the same ingredients as Pearls of Simplicity but with a touch of distilled alcohol to open up aromatics and lighten the overall impact. Konteki means “dew drops of the earth,” and Higashiyama translates to “eastern hill.” Brewery workers have been known to start their days watching the sunrise over the mountains until the dew drops glisten as if they were the Tears of Dawn. A full-bodied sake that goes with notes of tropical banana, anise seed and truffle, it can accompany rich meats, fresh oysters and smoked gouda cheese.


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