Kinoene Yuagari Refreshing Yuzu


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Let Kinoene Yuagari take your senses to a lazy afternoon swinging in a hammock under a yuzu tree. The fragrant fruit tickles your nose as you sip this sweet and refreshing saké. A simple but elegant bottle, it is perfect as an aperitif or poured over dessert.

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Iinuma Honke brewery is located in Mabashi, Shisui-machi, a town believed to have existed since the ancient Jomon period. This was Japan’s neolithic era from which some of the world’s oldest pottery has survived. Iinuma Honke began brewing in the culturally-prosperous Genroku era (1688-1704) when alcohol became widely familiar to the public. Today, the brewery continues to invite guests to enjoy saké and with its proximity to Narita Airport, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to brew their own saké. The name of the town itself, Shisui (酒々井), comes from the Sake-no-Ido (酒の井戸, meaning “sake well”). Only two Japan use the character for sake in their names. If you’re passing through Narita, seek out this historic town and brewery and go back in time.


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