Kikusui Kuramitsu Junmai Daiginjo


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Highly aromatic and very smooth sensation on the palate. The rice is polished to 23% of its original grain size resulting in a refined and exquisite sake made for fine foods like caviar, Iberico ham, and lightly seasoned dishes.


Heavy snowfall in Niigata, along with its mountainous landscape contributes to the soft snowmelt water that sources almost 100 breweries in the prefecture, including Kikusui Brewing Company. They embrace the tradition and heritage of sake brewing as a way to contribute to one’s health, relaxation, and enjoyment. The Kikusui Institute for Sake Culture features an exhibition area with thousands of sake bottles and tools, and a library with over 16,000 books on sake and “drawing cards” from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho eras. Their name “Kikusui” is made up of two words “Kiku” for chrysanthemum and “sui” for water, and is inspired by a Noh play that presented the water of the chrysanthemum as a spring of eternal youth and longevity.


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