Born Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Namachozo GOLD


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Good enough for an emperor! A lively aroma meets your senses, as this saké is only pasteurized immediately before shipping. Enjoy the noticeably smooth flavor of this award-winning saké. “Born” is a natural complement to delicate Japanese dishes or alongside dishes cooked with olive oil, cheese, and butter.


Fukui prefecture is home to a stunning landscape of crystal blue coastlines, daffodil-covered hillsides, and Katoukichibee Shouten Brewery. Their award-winning “Born” is translated roughly from Sanskrit as “purity” or “telling the truth,” honoring the brewery’s belief in second chances and rewards for hard work. Historically, the business was a money exchange and then a bank, and farmers would sometimes pay rent with rice. Thus the sixth generation decided to use the rice more efficiently, thereby beginning the brewery. Born was the chosen saké for Emperor Showa’s enthronement ceremony, sealing its famous fate. It was also offered to guests and at ceremonies and festivals throughout the era. It can now be found in Japanese embassies and countries all over the world. Stored in 14°F and pasteurized only immediately before shipping, the aroma and flavor are unmissable thanks to the absence of carbon filtration.


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