Noto Peninsula Earthquake Disaster Support

Providing support for the breweries

It was heart-breaking to learn about the massive earthquake in the Hokuriku region on January 1st, particularly affecting the Noto region (Ishikawa Prefecture), renowned for its historic sake production with around 33 breweries. Fortunately, many survived, but with varying degrees of damage, while some were completely devastated. Centuries of history vanished.

Feeling a sense of urgency to want to contribute, I was unsure and felt a bit lost on how a small sake shop in DC could help. Then, I saw fellow sake enthusiasts rallying with the message, ‘Let’s drink and support.’ 

In January, the sake brewing season just finished for most of the breweries. Many of them were getting ready to promote their sake. As DC Sake cō, we can at least contribute in circulating the products. This is why we want to keep drinking to keep supporting. Though it may be small, this is one way to keep supporting the ones in need.  It’s a joint effort.

So this month (January), up until January 30th, we will donate 5% for each sake bottle sold and 10% for those specifically from the Hokuriku region to the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake Sake Brewery Support Project. This project is dedicated to supporting the recovery and rebuilding of the sake breweries that were affected by the earthquake. 

If you can, please join me in an effort to send support from DC by savoring delicious sake with us.