“Kanpai to Sake Day!” Celebrate DC’s second annual Sake Day event! Illuminate your sake curiosity as you taste more than 50 different sakes!

Saturday, September 30 · 4 – 9pm EDT

Toolbox Art Studio

1627 Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20009

October 1st is World Sake Day. (Yes, it is!) It’s the day Japan celebrates the start of the new sake brewing season — and the day the world celebrates sake’s contributions to Japanese culture. DC Sake cō is bringing the tradition to DC as an early celebration! It’s DC’s second annual Kanpai to Sake Day!

The event will take place at Toolbox Art Studio, a place that lives its own life in its own world, and lures you to come in and experience its magic. A fusion of classic and contemporary makes this unique studio an unforgettable experience.

The highlight of the event, of course, is in being able to taste more than 50+ different types of sake. But that’s not all. Kanpai to Sake Day! is about bringing the sake loving, sake curious community together. Where there is great sake, there are great smiles. So, come illuminate your sake curiosity as we Kanpai! together!

You want a deeper dive experience before trying 50+ different sakes? We offer a VIP Experience as well! (More details below)

Indulge in an unforgettable event filled with the finest selection of sake and great company. If you are new to the world of sake and simply want to enjoy exploring sake, the general admission ticket will give you full access to walk around both floors at your own pace, chat with experts, and explore more than 50+ different imported & domestic craft sake!

Bottom line…. Sake expert or not, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to celebrate Sake Day with us. Mark your calendars and get ready to Kanpai to Sake Day! We can’t wait to raise a glass with you.

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This is a perfect event for you if you want to:

Explore the world of sake
Enhance your knowledge on the foundation of sake
Discover your favorite type of sake
Taste some of the most popular sakes from Japan and the US
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September, 30, 2023 (SAT)

VIP Experience: (Limited to 40 tickets)

Sara Guterbock, a dynamic Japanese beverage educator with 18 years’ experience, and beverage director at MTC sake will walk you through an exclusive session designed to challenge your palate and enrich your knowledge about sake. In this extraordinary experience, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the intricate interplay between “sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami flavors”, and how they harmonize with the nuanced profiles of different sake varieties. Our session begins with a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of taste perception, shedding light on how our senses collaborate to decipher complex flavor combinations. Whether you’re a seasoned food and drink enthusiast or a curious newcomer to the world of culinary pairings, our session on enhancing the five basic flavors with sake promises to be a transformative experience. Discover the subtle symphony of tastes that emerge when science and artistry collide, and take home a newfound understanding of how to elevate your own culinary explorations.

4:00 – 5:00 PM EST
Early bird special: $125/person (General admission included)
$135/person (General admission included)
In-depth learning experience with an expert!

30 min. early access to General admission tasting (50+ sakes)
Food voucher (accessible after session)
General admission:

5:30 – 9:00 PM EST
Early bird special: $75/person
$85/ person

Sip and explore more than 50+ sakes (2 floors open format)
DC Sake cō tasting glass to take home
*Early bird specials available until September 3rd.

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About Sara Guterbock

Sara E. Guterbock, CBS, ISS, ASP, JSA Sake Diploma, CS, CWE, DipWSET is an Educator with Sake School of America and the National Sales Manager for New York Mutual Trading Company, the United States’ most prestigious importer of fine Craft Sake, Spirits & Beer from Japan. 
Sara is a Certified Sommelier (CS) through the Court of Master Sommeliers, a Certified Wine Educator (CWE)through the Society of Wine Educators, and received her Diploma in Wine & Spirits (DipWSET) through the Wine and Spirits Education Trust in London, England, in 2012.  In January of 2017, Sara became a limited number of Level 3 Sake Educators for the WSET, worldwide, and in 2019 she completed the Advanced Sake Professional (ASP) course, in Japan, with John Gauntner!
In 2014, Sara was among the first groups of people in the United States to be qualified as a Kikisake-Shi, or International Sake Sommelier (ISS)through Sake School of America & The Sake Service Institute of Japan (SSI).  In 2018, she became one of the first 4 people in the USA to earn her Diploma in Sake from the Japan Sommelier Association (JSA).  She has also earned qualifications as a Certified Sake Adviser and Certified Shochu Adviser through Sake School of America.  In 2023, she became an “Official Sake Lecturer” for SSI, Japan.  These qualifications have been particularly meaningful to Sara, as she spent time living in Japan as a high school student and grew up in a family that placed great emphasis on learning and experiencing the Japanese language and culture.  Becoming proficient in Sake has united Sara’s passion for the beverage industry with her life-long love of Japan, its people, traditions, and cuisine. 

In 2016, Sara began teaching the Certified Sake Advisor and SSI’s International Kikisake-Shi courses with Sake School of America.  She now facilitates these certifications as well as the WSET Sake Qualifications & Japan Sommelier Association’s International Sake Diploma Course in the Southeastern United States.  Sara devotes a tremendous amount of energy to introducing people to the complexities and beauties of Sake and its unmatched ability to pair with food.  She has developed a proven system to improve distribution, market-share, sales and understanding of the Sake category for distributors, on & off-premise accounts, their staff & consumers alike.  Since 2018, she has promoted these techniques with the Japan External Trade Organization, JETRO, all over the USA.  Sara is hopeful her ongoing efforts will continue to spread awareness and interest for Sake in the USA & beyond!!