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Virtual Brewery Tour and tasting

We will be visiting Uchigasaki Brewery, led by Chris Johnson, the Sake Ninja, Kerry Tamura of World Sake Imports!

DATE: Tuesday, October 6, 2020

TIME: 9pm EST~

Register to join: http://www.worldsake.com/events  

Join us as our partner, World Sake Imports takes us to the Tohoku region (Northern Region) for a visit to historic Uchigasaki Brewing Company.

In 1620 date Masamune, “Daimyo” (the powerful Japanese feudal lords) of present-day Miyagi Prefecture, ordered his retainer Uchigasaki Oribe to build a town one day’s march from Sendai on the road north to Aomori. In 1661 Oribe’s son Sakuemon founded Uchigasaki Brewing

Company, which has continued in production for over 350 years and is the oldest brewery in the region. So much history, such great sake.

Taste three different Sake with brew master and next generation brewery president Kei Uchigasaki, who will show us a truly legendary brewery.

If you want to try their sake as you tour, we put together the specially priced set for you below!

Gentle on the nose, full body sake with gentle dry finish.   This sake will take time to reveal its charms. The enticing aroma slips perfectly into a swirl of flavors that includes peach, clove and anise.
Hoyo Sawayaja Junmai Summer Breeze is smooth, full-bodied, and extremely well balanced sake.  It has round sweetness but also displays a dry nuttiness on the crisp clean finish.  This excellent junmai is made by Uchigaski Brewing Company, the oldest brewery in Miyagi Prefecture, founded in 1661.
“Genji, Shinning Price” is a gentle, expressive, aromatic cross between the Junmai and Ginjo Sakes.  The unique finish of this sake will make you go for second sip soon.   “Genji” delivers a crisp and refreshing “cold sake” experience.


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