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2nd year to welcome these Namazake to DC. Very fresh and delicious spring seasonal Namazake set. What we have is all we have. So be sure to secure yours this season! (Expected to be delivered late March - late April)

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In Japan, spring namazake is an annual favorite. At the end of the winter brewing season, namazake heralds spring. After brewing, most sakes are pasteurized, heated to kill bacteria and deactivate enzymes. Namazake is different. It is unpasteurized, making it the liveliest and boldest of Japanese sake.

Normally, namazake that reaches the U.S. is pre-sold to a few high-end restaurants. Only rarely could it be found in retail outlets outside of Japan. But we are slowly changing that!

We are fortunate to share with you five namazake that are making their way to us, hopefully at the end of March. What we have is all we have. So be sure to secure yours this season! (Expected to be delivered late March – late April)

  • TAKAHIRO NAGAYAMA “NOBLE ARROW”: Aromas of green melon rind and kaffir lime leaves. Creamy, luxurious mid palate with a salted plum finish.
  • AMA NO TO “HEAVEN’S DOOR”: This is not your big, fruity aroma sake. Grain and the koji is what stands out. Notes of charred pizza crust and roasted peanuts, rich rice texture.
  • FUKUCHO “MOON ON THE WATER”: Intensely aromatic with notes of freshly cut pineapple, violet, and pomelo. Delicious with king crab and drawn butter, goat cheese and figs, citrus-tinged desserts.
  • RIHAKU “ORIGIN OF PURITY”: A robust, powerful expression of namazake. The complexity of flower yeast, omachi rice, and genshu result in layers of blackberry, lime, grilled pineapple, and nougat. Pair with steak, cured meats, charred onions.
  • IPPONGI DENSHIN HARU: Soft, sweet spring aroma reminiscent of peachs. Sfter the luh texture on the tougue, a refreshing acidity finishes the palate. Meat is recommended over fish for pairing, nd it voes well with food with a strong personality.


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