Hakutsuru Ukiyo-e Junmai


Don’t shy away from this alluring bottle. A subtle fruit tone with well-balanced umami and spice, you’ll find hints of clove, cinnamon, roasted nuts, toasted cereal, banana, and dried dates. Pour alongside a gourmet cheese platter, carnitas, chicken tacos, tikka masala, and curries.

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Hakutsuru’s Ukiyo-e series is inspired by a Japanese woodblock print or painting of famous kabuki actors, beautiful women, travel landscapes and city life from the Edo period. Named after the white crane, an auspicious symbol in Japan, Hakutsuru Brewing Company has been making sake in Nadagogo, “The Five Villages of Nada,” since 1743. Hakutsuru shares their blessings and innovative spirit, and has become a top exporter of Nihonshu with an impressive product range in 55 countries around the world. In 2014, they established a business alliance with Oregon’s craft sake brewery, SakeOne, and you’ll find them every year at the Sakura Matsuri (street fair) in Washington, DC! Their proprietary rice, Hakutsuru Nishiki, a cross between Yamada Nishiki and Tankan Wataribune,” produces sake with a “hint of sweetness and delicate fullness,” another unique characteristic of their high quality sake.


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